Personalised Yacht Management

Generally speaking, Yacht Management is a service performed by an outside specialist company and it usually entails day-to-day yacht maintenance supervision. The scope of such service may vary, but it often includes support in maintenance and service scheduling, supplies provision, fueling, crew hire or yacht costs management. In Yacht Project we wanted to provide service of even higher quality and so we created Personalised Yacht Management. In comparison to similar services, Personalised Yacht Management is far more adjusted to the needs of a client and focused on individual conditions. Based on the information gathered from the client, we offer basic scope of all the support that they require. In addition, using our expertise and experience, we pinpoint aspects and elements that we could provide our support at so as to ensure more effective yacht management and cost optimization. In Personalised Yacht Management we take care of all the problematic aspects of the yacht owning for you:

  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Technical Support
  • Safety Management
  • Crew Management

With our experience and yacht business insight, we can help optimize yacht maintenance, service and operation costs, help cut administration and formal requirements compliance costs or minimize insurance costs. Our service is available regardless of weather conditions or world region. With Personalised Yacht Management service, owning a boat becomes problem free and pleasant experience.