Buying a yacht

For most, buying a yacht is a very emotional decision, being a fulfillment of many years of dreams and planning. At Yacht Project, using our experience and expertise, we provide complex support throughout the entire yacht purchase process. Typically our work with a client consists of several steps.

First we discuss the type of the boat our client is looking for and its specification. We pinpoint all the unique requirements to find a choice of yachts to begin the process of narrowing the options. As soon as we find the boat which meets all the requirements of our client, our company can arrange sea trials, surveys and a detailed technical examination of the boat. We deal with all aspects of the delicate phase of negotiations until the signing of the contract. In the purchase process, we support the client in negotiations, in choosing the required fitting of the boat or finding the best financing options.  

Yacht Project remains available to the customer long after signing the contract and completing the yacht purchase process. We focus on providing a range of services to the new owner such as technical support services for the full yacht management, assistance in finding a suitable crew or charter marketing.