Yacht Charter – a customized experience

Holidays spent on a yacht are an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy all the comforts of a luxury hotel in a private and personally chosen location. Unpacking your bags only once, each day could be spent in another beautiful spot.

Our yacht charter offer is aimed at both experienced clients but also at individuals who have yet never tried this luxurious leisure activity. At Yacht Project we offer the chance to charter yachts in the most popular and most exotic destinations around the world. Our experience and extensive network allows us to facilitate the choice process so as to satisfy client’s needs and expectations. We offer a wide variety of vessels to choose from – from classic sailing yachts, to large and small catamarans, or modern motor yachts. The range of available vessels is bound to ensure a perfect fit to the client’s individual taste or their dream water activity style. We also provide our support in customization of other aspects of charter decision process – rent costs, operation area, number of cabins, presence and number of crew members.