About us

“We are a company strongly rooted in the yachting industry, with vast experience in purely technical, refit-oriented aspects, but also in sales, marketing and advertisement areas of yachting industry. Yacht Project was created ten years ago as an answer to the market’s growing needs for yacht experts. From the very beginning our mission has been to provide high quality service founded on strong commitment, experience-based knowledge, and professionalism. The scope of the services we provide refers directly to what we are best at – in Personalised Yacht Management we supervise the maintenance and service schedules and take the troublesome details of owning a yacht off the client’s shoulders. At the same time, our expertise and industry insight allows us to provide sginificant reduction of the works costs. The effect is a problem-free yacht owner, with a fuller wallet.”

Paweł Jacheć

Owner, Director of Yacht & Charter Management

Buying a yacht

For most, buying a yacht is a very emotional decision, being a fulfillment of many years of dreams and planning. At Yacht Project, using our experience and expertise, we provide complex support throughout the entire yacht purchase process. Typically our work with a client consists of several steps.


Personalised Yacht Management

Generally speaking, Yacht Management is a service performed by an outside specialist company and it usually entails day-to-day yacht maintenance supervision. The scope of such service may vary, but it often includes support in maintenance and service scheduling, supplies provision, fueling, crew hire or yacht costs management.


Yacht Charter – a customized experience

Holidays spent on a yacht are an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy all the comforts of a luxury hotel in a private and personally chosen location. Unpacking your bags only once, each day could be spent in another beautiful spot.


Areas of our services


Our other services

New build management

Yacht Project provides full support in boat design process. Working with the most experienced designers and shipyards around the world, we are able to help with a design of a yacht, catamaran or motor boat, according to the client’s requirements. We delegate a dedicated project manager to closely monitor every stage of the project ensuring contract compliance and quality control. Using the yacht business insight and expertise, we help with the shipyard choice.

Technical support and refit management

Many years of experience in the yachting industry and extensive contacts in shipyards and dedicated services both in Europe and abroad, enable us to provide yacht owners and their crew full support on any matter relating to the service of the yacht.

Refit services: Budget preparation, Schedule planning, Contractors selection, Statutory surveys management, Condition survey, Quality control

Service and spare parts

We negotiate the prices and terms of cooperation on behalf of the client – with service technicians, shipyards, suppliers and manufacturers.


We organize transport of the yachts by land and by sea to all European Union countries. On a special request, we also organize the transfer of boats across the ocean.

Individual insurance program

Yacht Project provides customized insurance program offer on attractive terms. We also help our clients with damage assessment, repair estimation and refit management.

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